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I think I must have already been somewhat restricting awhile ago, without realising, as I went to the doctors only 2 and a half weeks ago, where they weighed me and I was 72 kilos. Now, I don't really get kilos, but I know how to convert it into pounds, so as soon as I was out of there, I realised that meant I was 158 pounds (11st 4lbs). Horrified. I weigh myself today: 148lbs (10st 8lbs). I've lost 10 pounds in that time.
And I must say I'm impressed with myself. I've not been ale to stomach much besides energy drink recently anyway, so I thank the caffiene for boosting my metabolism.
I'm hoping I can lose another 10 pounds so I can definetly be in the 9 stone band, where I have not been for a long time. I no longer want double figures at the beginning of my weight. It's frustrating.
I no longer care for help. I no longer care for myself. My disorder is all I have now, and I don't care that I have nothing else. I'm happy this way. Right now at least.

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