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Everything happening in my life lately is not helping my eating disorder. My ex, who I still love, is doing everything in his power to piss me off and hurt me, my family are not giving me any privacy and I've just started a new job, ironically, in food services.
At least while I'm working, I don't have to eat, because I only work so many hours in a day, I get no break, so no lunch. Constantly moving around helps burn calories, and the smell of the waste disposal by the end of my shift will DEFINETLY kill any appitite. But then when I'm at home, and food is all around me, I just feel out of control, and overeat. I've been doing very well not to purge lately, but the more I leave it the more anxious I feel, the more I want to give in and do it.
I'm also considering leaving recovery, though I've not properly started. I'm already making every excuse under the sun not to go to my appointments, and am not sure if I'm ready for the hard work recovery takes.
I dunno. I'm just stressed. Not quite sure of the aim of this blog, I suppose I needed to be let loose. Let's hope the days get better.

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